Stars Foundation Update

What a wonderful start it has been to 2023!

We have been so excited to welcome back last year’s Stars students as they become the leaders of the school, and it has been great getting to know our new Year 7 Stars students as they begin their middle school journey with us.

Our Stars team is comprised of Lara Harding and Keomi Ross. We are committed to supporting our students and their families throughout their middle school years to ensure they are not only attending school consistently but are enjoying it and making the most of the opportunities it provides!

In contact times we have reintroduced our Stars values of Respect, Commitment, Pride and Honesty and the four key pillars we focus on: Wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyles, Community, Culture & Leadership and Education, Training & Employment. All our Stars students have created Stars Plans with goals related to our four key pillars, such as spending more quality time with family, having a sleep routine to ensure they are refreshed for a new day, learning their languages, and finding employment opportunities. To ensure their success they have also included how they can be supported by Stars staff, family, and friends to achieve these goals throughout the year.

In the weeks to come we will be facilitating team building sessions and lunch time activities.

If there were any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Lara Harding, 0467 826 485

Welcome Messages from our Leaders

Year 7 

It has been an incredibly busy start for our year 7 students to begin the year. New teachers, new peers, new timetables and new classroom environments. There are many new things for all of our students to manage as they begin their middle school journey.

Learning has begun in all classrooms and I have had the privilege of visiting many classrooms to see students engaging meaningfully with English and Humanities, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, PE, Health, Art, Music and Cooking.

Our School Wide Positive Behaviour System is also in full swing and students have been working toward the completion of Merit Cards for displaying our school values of respectful, responsible and fair. Most students have all completed one and a massive shout out goes to Nesia Ford-Wineera who has already completed 6 Merit Cards in three weeks!

All year 7 classes have begun our school-wide wellbeing program the Resilience Project. The program teaches and supports positive mental health in the classroom. The Resilience Project is emotionally engaging, practical, proven to have impact through evidence-based evaluations, and is delivered in 800+ schools. It focuses on four elements of positive mental health – gratitude, empathy, mindfulness and emotional literacy.

Finally, huge gratitude and empathy to all of our year 7 families. The transition between primary and middle school is a big process for many students and I know that all families are supporting their young people through this change. Many, many thanks and if you wish to contact me please feel free to call the school on 0889552333 or e-mail

With gratitude,

Mr. Josh Mapstone

Assistant Principal

Year 7 Coordinator and Inclusive Practices Leader

Year 8

Moving into a new year level can be both an exciting and anxious time for students. After spending 2023 settling into Centralian Middle School, forming new friendships and becoming familiar with classrooms and teachers, last year's Year 7 cohort have now needed to adjust to new class groupings, unfamiliar classrooms and a different team of teachers. On the whole, students have adjusted well, overcoming initial nerves and adapting to their new spaces. The Year 8 teaching team have been working hard to support the students establish routines and understand expectations. We will be gathering together each Friday during homegroup for a Year 8 community meeting to celebrate student progress and achievements. We are also in the process of planning for our Year 8 Camp later in the year. The Year 8 Common Area will be open each Thursday for lunchtime club activities (board games, chess, etc.) and a 'Green Room' has been set up near the Common Area for students who need a regulation break or a wellbeing check-in. The team look forward to working with you and your young person over the next four terms as they navigate their way through Year 8. 

Ben Forbes 

Assistant Principal Year 8 

Year 9


My name is Wellington Pasi. I have been at CMS since 2009. I am going to be your child’s team leader for 2024.I would like to acknowledge the work done by the Year 8 team in preparing these great young men and women for Year 9. I am excited to lead a team of tried and tested professionals who are passionate about education.

I am passionate about several issues among which are.

  1. Diverse and productive classrooms
  2. Students’ wellbeing
  3. A rich and challenging curriculum which supports low level students and extends the high achievers.

I believe:

  1. Every student has the right to learn.
  2. No student should stop/disrupt other students’ learning.
  3. Every student has the right to feel safe.
  4. Parental and stakeholder involvement in students’ education results in a strong partnership with the school resulting in better outcomes for students.

In the 2024 I will be expecting:

  1. All students to be in school uniform including closed in shoes.
  2. Be in possession of adequate stationery. (Back to school vouchers can be used for this)
  3. Your support in making sure that all homework/assignments are handed in on time. Assistance will be provided for students who will be seen to be struggling.

4.Upholding of the school values which are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and FAIRNESS

Big things to look forward to in Year 9

  1. A rich curriculum which prepares Year 9 students for successful years of senior school. The Year 9 teachers have ‘hit the ground running’. Students are engaged in rich and engaging learning activities.
  2. The Resilience Project (TRP)
  • This is a timetabled Pastoral Care program whose core values are Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional literacy.
  1. VET programs
  • As they move towards Senior school our Yr 9 students will participate in VET programs. One of the programs will be offered through the Department of Education and the other will be offered through CDU. The DoE program will be starting in Week 3. The other program involves students going to CDU for a week. This is spread throughout the year. Families will be informed of the dates. Meanwhile families can ensure their young person has a USI by visiting the following portal Get your USI | Unique Student Identifier .Keep this number and provide it when engaging in the VET course.
  1. Year 9 transition visits to CSC
  2. Year 9 camp (TBA)
  3. Year 9 formal

I am looking forward to a rich partnership with all stakeholders to ensure a successful 2024.


Wellington Pasi

Assistant Principal/Year 9 Coordinator (2024)

Introducing our 2024 teams

School Leadership 

Glenda McCarthy - School Principal 

Josh Mapstone - Assistant Principal Year 7 (Inclusion)

Ben Forbes - Assistant Principal Year 8 (also Attendance and Wellbeing)

Wellington Pasi - Assistant Principal Year 9 (also SWPBS)

Emma Forrester - Senior Teacher, Teaching and Learning 

Sarah France - Senior Teacher, Arts/HPE 

Emily Webster - Senior Teacher , Operations 

Year 7 Team 

Josh Mapstone - Assistant Principal

Emma Pegg - English and Humanities 

Emma Hurley - English and Humanities

Natasha Mavec - Maths and Science

Cameron Say - Maths and Science

Carey Foley - Science

Vicky Howie - Special Education Teacher  

Junior Lijanga - Special Education Support Officer

Ibu Darmini - Special Education Support Officer

Daisy Tinker - Tutor 

Isabelle Ross - Tutor 

Year 8 Team 

Ben Forbes - Assistant Principal

Emma Forrester - English and Humanities 

Joel Morrison - English and Humanities 

Delean Holtze - English and Humanities 

Bridy Baney - Maths and Science 

Carey Foley - Science 

Sarah France - Home Group 

Rajinder Uppal  - Special Education Teacher

Matthew Stephens - Special Education Teacher 

Angela Flahive - Special Education Teacher

Barry Georgopoulos - Special Education Support Officer

Nola Hunter - Special Education Support Officer

Maureen Van Heusden - Special Education Support Officer

Tenneil Wark - Special Education Support Officer

Gayatri (Guy) Saraswati - Tutor 

Year 9 Team 

Wellington Pasi - Assistant Principal

Emily Webster - English and Humanities 

Brad Gill - English and Humanities

Ricki Willis - Maths and Science

Sarah Colomb - Maths and Science

Jemma Seddon - Special Education Teacher

Robbie Smith - Special Education Support Officer

Reese Curtis-Stanton - Special Education Support Officer

Tenika Greig - Tutor 

Kim Leyland - Tutor 

Arts and HPE Team 

Sarah Wall (France) - Senior Teacher and Food Technology 

Stone Lee  - Visual Art 

Ed Gould - Music 

Stephen Ryan - Design and Technology 

Marcus Druce - Health and Physical Education

Rebecca Stephens - Health and Physical Education

Gatkuoth Kueth - Health and Physical Education

Sarah Shilling - Tutor, Food Technology 

Jasper Barrett - Tutor, Design and Technology 

Instructional Coaches

Georgie Sutton - Numeracy Coach 

Sue Killingbeck - Literacy Coach (Fresh Start) 

Emma Forrester - Literacy Instructional Coach

Wellbeing Support for Students 

Leigh Stanton - Home Liason Officer

Gordon Mallard - Home Liason 

Rachel Abbott - Home Liason

Brenda Simms - Health Promoting School Nurse

Mel Dunnage - Authorised Engagement Officer 

Sally Axten - School Counsellor (Monday, Tuesday)

Viliami Ahokava - School Counsellor (Thursday, Friday)

Administration and School Support 

Brenda Savage - Business Manager 

Julia Pearson - Attendance & SAMS Administrator 

Honey Pearson - Front Office 

Leah Emery - Executive Assistant 

Carolyn Bindle - Lab Technician 

Georgia Barlow - Executive Assistant 

Mark Hildebrandt - Maintenance 

Ralene Hildebrandt - Cleaning Supervisor  

Richard Riley - IT Support 

Caroline Cavalho Santos - Canteen Manager 

Sara Shilling - Canteen and Food Tech 

Clontarf Academy 

Cheyne Miles - Director 

Clontarf Operations Officers/Mentors: 

Liam McDonald

Joe Roberts 

Stars Founation Program 

Lara Harding - Program Mentor 

Keomi Ross - Program Mentor

Polly Farmer Foundation 

Hamish McLoughlin - Regional Manager 

Ashley Smeal - Program Coordinator 

School news and updates

Ethics Olympiad 

CMS will have a team of students competing in the international final of the Ethics Olympiad on Wednesday 21 February. The competition is held online and sees the students competing against schools in India, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and from around Australia.

The Ethics Olympiad promotes respectful, supportive, and rigorous discussion of ethical issues among thousands of high school students throughout our region. The format is based on ongoing dialogue and deliberation. It is designed to get students thinking, talking, and ultimately working together on some of the toughest moral issues of our time. Some of the topics being discussed in this competition include issues around peer pressure, the complexities of group work, and the differences between authenticity and artificiality in the modern age.

CMS entered two teams in the competition. Both teams were awarded honourable mentions by the judges and one CMS team won the silver medal. The top two teams from each regional competition qualify to compete in the international final.

The Resilience Project 

We are proud to partner with The Resilience Project to assist our students in their wellbeing journey. In order to gain an accurate understanding of our students’ strengths and challenges, we will be conducting a resilience survey developed by Resilient Youth Australia and the University of South Australia. In recent years, they have surveyed more than 500,000 Australian school students.

We will administer the Resilience Survey this year online in class time. Students typically take 30-50 minutes to complete the survey. The data from the survey will be reported in aggregate descriptive form only, by year level and gender, and no individual student responses can be identified.

The Resilience Survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. The survey will provide valuable information to assist us to create and maintain the best culture of wellbeing and resilience that we can.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s participation in this survey project, please contact Emma Forrester on 8955 2333.

We thank you for your support.

Meet The Teacher Night 

Whole School Professional Development Days

The NT Public Sector Non-Contract Principals, Teachers, and Assistant Teachers’ 2021 – 2024 Enterprise Agreement now states that compulsory professional learning and development days occur:

  • One day before students commence the school year.
  • On the first day of the second, third and fourth terms.
  • On the last day of Term 4 of each year

This means Monday, 15th April, will be a student-free day. Students return on Tuesday 16th April from holidays.

NAPLAN Information 

Sports Voucher 

Semester 1, 2024 Sports Vouchers are now available. Parents and carers will need to apply each semester at the following website. 

Please note if the details of the young person are already on the system, a voucher will be available to print or save straight away, if the details are not found by the system a voucher will be sent to the email address you have provided within 7 days.

More information is available at the link below, alternatively you can also contact the Sport Voucher team by phone on 1800 817 860 or by email .

Werte, Hello!

Werte, and welcome to 2024

Dear Families

We welcome everyone in our school community. It has been great to meet all our new students and catch up with our returning students in the first couple of weeks.

For our Year 8 and 9 students, returning means getting back into those learning routines essential for students to progress and achieve. Things like making sure they are getting enough sleep, making sure that they are prepared with all materials and making sure that they are in the right place at the right time are essential. Most students have made this transition back into school successfully, and most home groups have focused quickly on the learning in front of them.

For Year 7s, starting at a new school is more involved. This week, we have been doing much work on key learning like understanding the school, getting to know the staff and whom to talk to in different circumstances, where things are and how the timetable works. We have also been doing much work this week on developing relationships within the school. There have been many activities during home group and lesson time to help our students learn names and more about the students and the staff in their learning community this year.

Settling into the school year with new people is exciting, but also comes with anxiety for some students. Through our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), CMS staff explicitly teach students about creating and interacting within safe and respectful learning environments. We appreciate the support from families to reinforce these messages, including the importance of walking away from conflict and telling a trusted adult at school about any concerns.

This year we are excited to introduce The Resilience Project, a wellbeing program which students will do with their Home Group teacher for one lesson each week. The focus is on teaching gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Evidence from other school who use this program shows that is adds to the wellbeing of students and their ability to deal with difficult situations.

As well as welcoming new students into the school, we also welcome some new staff. We are delighted to welcome the following to the school:

  • Ben Forbes – Year 8 Assistant Principal
  • Joel Morrison – Year 8 English and Humanities
  • Delean Holtze – Year 8 English and Humanities
  • Matthew Stephens – Year 8 Small Group
  • Carey Foley – Year 7 and 8 Science
  • Rebecca Stephens – Year 7 and 8 Health/PE
  • Leigh Stanton – Home Liaison Officer
  • Gordon Mallard – Home Liaison
  • Honey Pearson – Front office

We have a few important events coming up.

  • Meet the Teacher – Tuesday 20th February from 5:00-6:00 pm
  • Annual General Meeting (following Meet the Teacher) Tuesday 20th February, 6.00 -7.00 pm. If you would like to nominate for school council before the AGM, please collect a Nomination form for the front office or email 
  • Year 7 Immunisations Tuesday 5th March
  • Interschool Sports Secondary – Secondary Basketball

This is our first newsletter of the year. These newsletters will come out three times per term (generally in Weeks 3, 6 and 9) and contain important information about the school. Newsletters are sent electronically via our text messaging system, as we find this to be the most effective form of communication with families. Alternatively, you can pick up a paper copy from our front office. Please ensure you read them carefully. We also have a Facebook page which we use to share stories – liking our page will help to get school information posted on your feeds.

In 2024 we hope to engage more than ever with our families. We encourage you to come in and say hello to your young person’s teachers or other staff in the school. Consider joining the school council or helping our school community in areas of interest to you. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 8955 2333.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning!

Glenda McCarthy


Important dates

Tuesday 20 February Meet the Teacher Night 5:00pm-6:00pm
Tuesday 20 February Annual General Meeting 6:00pm-7:00pm 
Tuesday 5th MarchYear 7 Immunisations 
Friday 29 March Good Friday Public Holiday 
Saturday 30 March Easter Saturday 
Sunday 31 March Easter Sunday 
Monday 01 April Easter Monday Public Holiday 
Friday 05 April Last day of Term 1
Monday 15 April Staff Professional Learning Day 
Tuesday 16 April First Day of Term 2


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Community Announcements - Copy

Skate Park Workshops

10th October- 12th December. Every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm

Where: Alice Springs Skate Park, 14 Speed Street

Are you an emerg­ing rid­er? Join us to prac­tice tricks and shred on skate­board, scoot­er or BMX! It’s all about learn­ing new tricks in a safe and enjoy­able envi­ron­ment. Snacks, water and music pro­vid­ed. Open to every­one, gen­der inclu­sive, with equip­ment to try provided. This pro­gram is free and facil­i­tat­ed by local skaters & rid­ers @ Skatepark 14 Speed Street. The Gap, NT, 0870

Art and Craft Workshops

25th October- 29th November. Every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm

Where: Central Craft, Araluen Cultural Precinct

Har­ness your cre­ative flare by attend­ing our cre­ative art making work­shop series. This free 6‑week Art & Craft pro­gram is held at Cen­tral Craft on Wednes­days from 4 – 6pm. A dif­fer­ent art/​craft theme each week suit­able for young peo­ple aged 12 — 25. This pro­gram runs 25 Octo­ber — 29 Novem­ber. Work­shops facil­i­tat­ed by Cen­tral Craft. 

Lift and Yarn: Young Men’s Wellbeing Program

2nd November- 30th November. Every Thursday from 5pm-6pm

Where: ASAL Gym, 10 Speed Street

Lift & Yarn with us to improve your health and well­be­ing! This free five-week well­be­ing pro­gram is for young men aged 12+ years. The pro­gram includes 30-mins of phys­i­cal exer­cise, and 30 mins of men­tal health edu­ca­tion, a light feed and entry into the pool until close. This pro­gram runs 2 Novem­ber — 30 Novem­ber. Sup­port­ed by the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry Government. 

School news and updates - Copy

Assessment Schedule

Year 7 - Assessment Schedule 

Term 4, 2023 


Assessment Task 



Persuasive Writing 

Students will write a persuasive text about gender stereotypes where they will use their knowledge of persuasive language. 

Week 5 

Film Study 

Using their understanding of the main characters and events in the 1998 Disney film Mulan, students will write an essay about how film technique was used for effect.  

Week 8 


Statistics Quiz 

Students will complete a statistics quiz where they compare types of data and measures of centre. 

Week 2 

Geometry Quizzes 

Students will complete a set of geometry quizzes where they classify triangles, parallelograms, and angles between within lines. 

Weeks 4 - 6 


Forces Portfolio 

Students will conduct experiments and describe everyday forces and their direction of movement:  

·         magnetic forces 

·         friction 

·         gravity  

Week 4-6 


History: Ancient Egypt 

Students will choose one person from the hierarchy of social positions to write first person account of their life in Ancient Egypt. 

Week 3 

History: Ancient China  

Students will create a cause and effect flow chart about how contact with other societies has influenced and changed Ancient China and the world.  

Week 8 

Health & PE 


Students will be required to construct a poster educating people around the different dangers of the varied water environments, using statistics and research to assist them.  

Week 6 

Water Skills Proficiency Test 

Students will complete a number of water skills to enable the school to accurately assess the ability of all students in the water. This assessment is also used to ‘band’ or level students’ ability in the water for our camps and swimming carnival.  


Food Technology 

Safe use of knives in the kitchen 

Students will participate in a range of learning activities involving correct use of knives within a kitchen environment. 


Practical assessment of Food Technology skills 

Students will participate in making a variety of dishes. Skills will include reading and following a recipe independently, production and presentation of the finished product, and cleaning of their station after use. 


Week 7 

Design Technologies


Students will explore the design features included in Microsoft PowerPoint and basic programming in Scratch. They will also extend their practice of file organisation.


Design and Technology 

Products Changing Overtime 

Students will explore the design features and factors of a product and how it has changed over time to meet societies demands.  

Week 5 

Visual Arts 

Tonal Drawing 

Students are to create a tonal drawing with a pencil using a still life painting by Fernand Leger as the template. 

Week 4 

Linocut Print 

Students are to create a linocut printing containing an image of an Australian animal and their name. 

Week 7 

Werte, Hello - Copy

Welcome to our school newsletter as we work together through this busy Term 4.

All students have recently taken their English and Maths PAT tests which provide teachers and students with information about growth and areas for continued improvement. In this newsletter we provide the Assessment Schedule with information about your young person’s learning in Term 4. Teachers will report on all classes for all Semester 2 at the end of this term.

CMS students continue to extend themselves in a variety of rich learning activities. The Year 9 Camp to Adelaide was full of new and wonderful experiences. A huge vote of thanks goes to Ms Jeanny and the Year 9 team for all their hard work to make this dream trip a reality. The Year 9s are also continuing their transition visits to Centralian Senior College in preparation for their Year 10 studies.

On Wednesday 18th October, a group of Year 7s and 8s attended an interactive session presented by medical students from the University of Wollongong for anyone thinking about future medical careers. On Tuesday 24th October, Student Leaders attended information sessions about local government and a meeting of the Alice Springs Town Council where they represented the school so very well and posed some excellent questions to councilors; Mayor Paterson was full of praise for CMS! Finally, Mr. Gill is coaching students who will compete the in the Ethics Olympiad later this term. These students are learning how to discuss ethical and moral issues in a safe and structured way.

World Teachers’ Day was on Friday 28th of October. Stars Academy treated staff and students to a plentiful and delicious morning tea. That evening at the Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards we celebrated our teachers, especially Ms Sarah France who was a finalist for Secondary Educator of the Year and Ms Catherine Harris, a finalist for Inclusion Educator of the Year. Special congratulations go to Mr Simon Rowlands who won Principal of the Year for the Central Region and Ms Tenneil Helliwell who won Support Person of the Year for the entire Northern Territory.

We appreciate families’ support in seeing young people prepared for school with school uniform including closed in shoes, not Crocs or slides. We also appreciate family support as we remind students that play fighting is unsafe and not part of responsible school behaviour.

Positive behaviours continue to be celebrated, including at our school assembly in Week 4 with awards and acknowledgements for students from every Home Group. It was wonderful that some families were able to join us then. As the term rushes by, it is time to mark our calendars for the CMS Presentation Night which will be held on Thursday 7th December.

Warm regards,

Glenda McCarthy

Assistant Principal


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Community Announcements

Library's Spring School Holiday Program

  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Spanish Storytime: Friday 22 September from 3:15pm
  • Spring School Holiday Program 2023: 24 September – 6 October

Stay up to date by following us at the link below:

Holiday Programs Sept/Oct - Splash Parties, 10 Pin Lock-In, ArtShip

10 Pin Lock In | 6:00pm9:00pm on Fri­day 23 June at The Dust Bowl (29 Gap Road) Come and cel­e­brate the end of the school term with a night of 10 Pin bowl­ing, piz­za and good vibes. For young peo­ple aged 12 – 25. This pro­gram is free, with no book­ing required.

Wet Wednes­day Splash Par­ties |WED: 12PM 4PM @ASALC| Sum­mer is com­ing, join us for free pool entry and lots of fun activ­i­ties, music to keep the vibes high and food! ASALC is the Alice Springs Aquat­ic & Leisure Cen­tre, locat­ed at 10 Speed Street. 

Youth Fash­ion Lab Work­shop |MON 25.09 + 02.09 & FRI 29.09 + 06.09: 2PM – 5PM @ARTSHIP| Come make sus­tain­able fash­ion and wear­able craft works. The Lab will include basic sewing skills, fab­ric cut­ting, eco dying, print­ing on fab­rics, mak­ing patch­es. Bring some­thing of your own to mend or find some­thing in our selection. 

Card­board Crea­ture Mak­ing Work­shop |TUES 26.09 + 03.09: 2PM – 5PM @ARTSHIP| Learn dif­fer­ent tech­niques for con­struct­ing with card­board box­es and oth­er recy­cled mate­ri­als, then paint and dec­o­rate your own wear­able creature. 

Dye & Weave Tex­tile Sculp­tures Work­shop |THURS 28.09 + 05.09: 2PM-5PM @ARTSHIP| Find new ways to use nat­ur­al and recy­cled mate­ri­als. Use tree branch­es, retic­u­la­tion pipe or bike wheels to cre­ate sculp­tur­al forms, and learn how to dye and weave tjan­pi or scraps of fab­ric around them.

Print On & Patch Up Cloth­ing Work­shop |SAT 30.09 + 07.09: 25PM @ARTSHIP| Use sten­cils, dye and sim­ple sewing tech­niques to com­bine and mod­i­fy cloth­ing. Look through op shop dona­tions or bring your own.

The Alice Springs Steiner School Spring Festival

When: Sept 21st 2023, 5:45pm
Where: 163 Ragonesi Road

Music. Singing. Bush Dance. Join us as we celebrate the grandeur and life of Spring time. 5.45 pm - dark

Desert Festival 2023

When: Sept 21st – Oct 1st 2023

Over 11 balmy days, catch a sen­sa­tion­al pro­gram of local and nation­al artists across more than 18 events. We’re talk­ing live music, DJs, the­atre, cir­cus, exhi­bi­tions, com­e­dy, dance per­for­mances, work­shops and more!

For the full program and tickets go to the link below or phone 08 8952 2392.

Desert Festival Night Market

The Desert Festival Night Market is NEXT THURSDAY on the 21st of September from 5pm to 8:30pm!

Head down to the Todd Mall for live entertainment, food from across the globe, and unique crafts and culture as we celebrate the opening of Desert Festival 2023.

Come and check out great live acts by Super Raelene Harmonium band, Juggling & Assorted Monkey Business with Michael Connell, and The Holy Dimes! See the Gig Guide attached to plan your evening!

Also Sissy Fu will be facilitating a FREE Hula Hoop class starting at 5pm in front of the stage before showing us how it’s done at 5:50pm!

ASTC & Desert Festival Pop Up Park!

When: 29th of September from 4-7pm
Where: Lyndavale Park, Larapinta

An evening of hip hop with established artists and emerging young artists sharing the stage! Check out below for the line-up:

  • 4pm - Karnage DJ
  • 4:30pm - Youth Hip Hop showcase 
  • 5pm - Dan the Underdog 
  • 5:30pm – Karnage and Darknis
  • 6pm - Dem Arrernte Mob 

FREE sausage sizzle and face painting, giant games, yummy cakes from Red Dot Catering and more!

Empowering Youth Program

When: Sept 26th - Sept 29th 2023
Where: Discovery Parks Entertainment Centre, 25 Palm Pl, Ross NT

The program is FREE but places are limited, so registration is essential.

The Empowering YOUTH Program is for young people approximately aged between 12 and 17 who have diverse abilities. This includes young people who may be on the autism spectrum, have sensory processing needs or have experienced challenges that affect their wellbeing. Hoping for continuous participation through 4 sessions. (26th Sept, 27th Sept, 28th Sept and 29th Sept, 9:00am-12:00pm)

The Warm-up

Celebrating one year to go with The Warm-Up event at Anzac Oval on 14 October 2023!

School news and updates

Year 7


We've been learning about the living systems, how almost all energy on Earth comes from the Sun, and how we can use food chains and food webs to show how this energy enters and flows through ecosystems. We'll be finishing up the term with learning how changing one part of an ecosystem impacts the rest of it. For anyone interested, check out the 4 minute YouTube clip "How wolves change rivers".

Year 8

Year 8 Camp – Hamilton Downs

48 Year 8 students went on the Year 8 camp to Hamilton Downs from August 28th – 30th.

“Some of the activities we did including teamwork games like capture the flag and creative activities like painting. Some people went on a walk up a hill to look at the view. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, cooking and food preparation. The best meal was tacos and I liked the ice cream.”  ~ Taylah Johnson

“A new experience for me was hiking up the Drover’s Hill walk.” ~ Jamahl Spencer

“The best part was hanging out with new people and when Mr. Mapstone made up run up the hill.” ~ Joseph Brown

“I liked playing hide and seek.” ~ Jarred Ryan

“The best thing about camp was going to Slippery Rock, spotlight, roasting marshmallows and the mountain view. I learnt how to cook an egg, how to stack a ton of rocks and how to beat LT in Uno Flip.” ~ Finoa Nepe-Fuamatu

“I liked going on the walk to slippery rock, but I was scared to climb it because it was too high. I learned more about painting with Mr. Raja and made new friends. I also learned about bird watching with Mrs. Baney. I liked to watch the sunrise too.” ~ Haddy Sandy

“The best things about camp was sleep, seeing a spider, seeing a lizard and talking to people.” ~ Jerry Balzer

“The best thing was going to Slippery Rock and having fun. I learnt there was someone I didn’t know. We all got to play spotlight in the middle of the night.” ~ Lilyan Fong

“Thanks to Mrs McCarthy and all the teachers.” ~  Taylah Jonhnson


Last week 8.3 and 8.4 students dissected beef hearts as part of biology and learning about the circulatory system.

Year 9

VET Week Update

Year 9 students were at Charles Darwin University last week for the Year 9 VET program. This program allows students to experience an adult learning environment and even gain accreditation for units completed. Below is a list of courses that were available.

  • Barista
  • Culinary skills
  • Hairdressing
  • Work readiness
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Metal work
  • Media and sound
  • Music

VET Conservation and Land Management

Our group are finishing off the term with some great experiences. They have now completed their bird and plant surveys for their "Observe and Report Plants and Animals" unit. The highlight of this was a trip out to Angkerle Atwatye - Standley Chasm. A big shout out to Rosie McKenzie and David McCormack for their support of our Cert I program. David gave us a tour, showing us the Country, how to identify plants, what these plants are used for and their cultural significance. It was also great to see how conservation and tourism can fit together for business. Thank you - we definitely recommend their tours!

Also, a big thank you to the VET in Schools committee. Their grant allowed us to complete a Provide First Aid course with St. John. Our St John trainer Julie was amazing, taking us through CPR and hands on responses to emergency scenarios.

Jacelyn Anderson
VET Land Management trainer/assessor

Stars Foundation

We are drawing near to the conclusion of Term 3 and the Stars girls have been busy! The last few weeks our Stars students were able to have a strong focus on a few of our pillars – wellbeing, education and training, and healthy lifestyles. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to reconnect with people we’ve already worked with, as well as experience the activities that new ones offer too!

In Week 6 we concluded our ‘Tackling Smoking’ program with Kasey from Congress. We were able to conclude our sessions by creating posters to hang around the Stars room, in hopes of reminding ourselves and others about the dangers that different substances can have to our bodies, as well as how to overcome challenges linked to them.

A focus for our Year 9’s has been preparing for work readiness, and we’ve been able to take steps towards this with the help of some local businesses and organisations. A big thank you to Mel Middleton from Services Australia who ran a workshop on Tax File Numbers, AbStudy, Centrelink and other services that can be of use for our girls as they transition into employment or studies. Additionally, we’d like to thank Sam Edelmann and the team at KFC Alice Springs for facilitating a workplace visit and introducing the girls to what happens behind the scenes in such a fast-paced and dynamic business. The girls enjoyed trying something new and learning more about how to prepare themselves for the working world!

One of our highlights from the past few weeks has been learning about cuisines from other cultures, with our Stars students in every year level learning to make their own Sushi in Contact Time MasterChef. The Year 9’s were able to take it a step further and also made a sweet Korean drink made out of fresh fruit, strawberry milk and lemonade - called Hwachae! The girls were big fans, the staff were not so much!

During Week 8, we were able to celebrate Women’s Health Week. The theme for this year’s health week is ‘Grow your Knowledge’ encouraging women to learn more about topics affecting women’s health, such as PCOS and Endometriosis. We had a range of different activities and meals to promote women’s health and on Thursday we were able to have a trivia session to test the girls’ knowledge on certain topics that often go unspoken. Having conversations about health is so important for our young women and both our Stars and non-Stars CMS students were able to get involved in trivia while enjoying a granola bowl, fresh fruit, and snacks! To end Women’s Health Week on a high we also went for a sunrise walk and warmed up with hot chocolates after!

Finally, we were able to conclude our term with our Stars Basketball Carnival. Unfortunately, Tennant Creek were not able to join us; however, we were able to spend the day at Alice Springs Basketball Stadium playing against the other Alice Springs middle/high school academies! The girls did well to demonstrate the Stars Values in their games, showing honesty, respect, commitment, and pride as they competed in not only Round Robin Basketball games, but a Knockout and 3-Point competition also. A big thank you to Lanee Ford from the Alice Springs Basketball Association for all your help in getting our carnival running!

Now as the term begins to come to an end, we look forward to planning some new and exciting activities for next term!

CMS Stars 

Werte, Hello

The end of another busy and exciting term is fast approaching.  As we look back over the last few weeks’ events, we feel proud of the achievements that our young people at Centralian Middle School have accomplished and grateful to the community for providing opportunities and support for our young people to grow. 

Year 6 and Year 9 transition programs

It has been wonderful to welcome the Year 6 students across various primary schools for their second transition visits.  Moving to a new school can be quite overwhelming to a lot of students and these visits help with the transition by allowing students to familiarise themselves with the school, the routines and start to build connections with staff and CMS students.  A massive thank you to Miss Emma and CMS staff for making these visits a success.

We also had our Year 9s students attending their second transition visit to Centralian Senior College (CSC) a few weeks ago.  The students had opportunities to engage in various learning experiences as well as making some important decisions about their VET options for next year.   We thank the CSC staff for making our Year 9s feel welcomed.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind families and guardians to complete and return enrolment forms for next year as soon as possible. 

We are adventurous!

Year 8s took a break from the busy school life and focused on developing their independence and strengthening their connections with their peers, staff and nature at the Hamilton Downs Year 8 camp.  Students had a fantastic time as they participated in various activities and develop new skills.  Well done to the Year 8 team for organising another great camp!

Exciting learning opportunities

One of the great joys of teaching is watching our students step out of their comfort zones and reach out to new learning opportunities.  Alice Can Dance provided that and much more.  The dedication and hard work from students across Year 7 to Year 9 were phenomenal.  From last week’s performance, we will all agree CMS can Dance!  Congratulations to all our amazing dancers and thank you, once again, to GUTS for providing such opportunities to our young people.

We are super proud of all our Year 9 students who took part in the VET program at CDU last week.  This was the first time that most of our Year 9s have engaged in an adult learning environment and our students did extremely well.  The Year 9 VET program is an essential part of the transition into senior education and provides prospects for students to expand their learning in areas that are not available in the middle years.  Congratulations to all the students who successfully completed the program.  We encourage all our Year 9 students to participate in next VET program in Term 4.   

Wellbeing is important

Our Wellbeing team organised some activities for R U OK? Day last week, which included a Wellbeing Expo.  It was great to see our students engage with a variety of organisations which provide mental health services to our community.  We thank the Wellbeing team for organising this event and all the stallholders who participated. 

Upcoming events

The Ethics Olympiad is on again next term and Mr Gill is recruiting the teams.  We encourage students to participate in this exciting competition, which is open to Year 7, 8 and 9. 

Year 6 and Year 9 transition programs will continue.  Year 9s will also have another opportunity to engage in the VET program at CDU and we are looking forward to our camp in week 2. 

We hope that students and staff will have a restful break over the next two weeks and we look forward to a great Term 4!

Warm regards,

Clarence Jeanny
Senior Teacher – Year 9 Coordinator

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